The photographic project as the cornerstone of the creative photographer

This is an advanced course of photography, with a series of its own characteristics: for us, our students are creators and creators, and our purpose is to accompany them in the path of their own and differentiated goals, which is why great part The content is developed in the form of tutorials.
Personalized, both in the technical and theoretical fields. Because we believe that each creator and each project have different needs and objectives
The possibility of developing your individual project.


For all who want to move forward in their creation and / or evolution of their visual discourse. This is a highly customizable course, designed for anyone who wants to generate their own discourse in photography, (regardless of whether they are professional or amateur, and their field of interest and their knowledge in photography).


We want to enhance each student’s work


Contact us and we will have a personal interview with you, we want to know yourselves restlessness and see how our course can help you.