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Centre adscrit a la Universitat de Girona.

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Located in the new Cultural Factory Coma Cros, the ERAM University School is a school attached to the University of Girona, which teaches two official degrees with a single curriculum:

The only official degree in performing arts in Catalonia.

There are also different diplomas and specialization courses.

The EU ERAM is a center for interdisciplinary studies linked to communication and arts that is committed to transdisciplinary and creative training, oriented to the professional world.

The center, a pioneer in Girona in the field of audiovisual, multimedia and design, is perfectly integrated in the social and industrial fabric that surrounds it, and leads the sectors in which the training is developed.


La The Joan Bosch Private Foundation, a non-profit organization in 1998, created the ERAM University School formed by a group of interdisciplinary professionals from different areas, such as economics, design or engineering, who had concerns in the world of training, with the aim of creating new professional profiles in the field of audiovisual communication and offering an answer to new emerging professions.


Our graduates are capable of acting in the field of audiovisual and multimedia communication, which requires consolidating an interdisciplinary mentality, due to the diversity of actions that the use of new emerging technologies needs, the knowledge of the media Expression and adequate ethical and aesthetic training.

The new media and the current work dynamics are creating new products in the field of audiovisual and multimedia. Future professionals must provide specific content with communicative, technical and creative singularities.


The teaching team, made up of a doctorate, a degree and a professional specialization, comes from different fields linked to audiovisual communication: culture, art, music, journalism, cinema, television, design, advertising and history

This team works with an open and integrating concept to create a creative and personalized learning space, a space conducive to the personal and professional growth of all the students of the ERAM.


In October 2009, the ERAM University School is installed at the Cultural Factory Coma Cros de Salt, a factory of ideas and projects, which is the ideal setting for the development of its mission. With its strategic situation, the school enjoys the infrastructure of common use of this equipment and participates in the synergies provided by the different entities and companies that have installed it.

The Cultural Factory Coma Cros is a municipal cultural facility in Salt (Girona) and has 16,000 square meters to achieve its main objective: to become a point of reference in the cultural dynamics of the whole north of Catalonia.