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Alien Fan Scratch

Jose Ruz


In the world of contemporary photography, the search for aesthetic perfection and miracle touches often end up in a lack of expressiveness in the faces … in unrealistic images that are very distant from the life that surrounds us. My work pretends to be totally different from this positioning.

Influenced by the photography of the 80’s, in my work I intend to tell through my portraits the stories of each person I am with, without disguising their imperfections and intertwining fiction with reality.

With a marked classicist style in which monochrome images are a reflection of everyday life, I propose a documentalist work on fictional and hyper-realistic themes, in order to provoke in my audience a revulsive to indifference and the simplicity of perfection .

The use of black and white endows a force with images that allow me to make a dialogue between the camera and what I look at. Irony and humor, mixed with personal stories of efforts and overcoming, are the pillar of my work.






Jose Ruz