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Càmera límbica

Esther Estaún


As a psychologist, I work with people who suffer and I see as often, the word is not enough … Over the years, in my work in the field of mental health, I have discovered that many times mental images are those that condition the psychic state of people. I am also a photographer, and from this union my interest in photography has arisen as a tool for the expression of emotions and as an instrument for social and personal change. “Límbica Camera” wishes to deepen the use of photography in a specific mental health area; addictions The social image of the addict is full of clichés and stereotypes that leave the individual buried under a lot of clichés. 

Discovering and showing this individual personality through the sum and the relationship between the photographs created by the participants and also by myself helps us to recover a recognizable image that I think is a fundamental part of the healing process.





Esther Estaún