Pol Vancells

In a clear reference to a way of interpreting the most subjective heritage


My object of study is the landscape, when it acquires the broadest sense of the word and is able to embrace multiple and, at times, distant interpretations. Starting from the confluence between photographic practice and disciplines such as anthropology, geography, history or urbanism, I have been constructing a way of looking -and therefore interpreting- that deepens in the possibilities of a dialectic between representation and social reality, between fact and artistic gaze. I am interested in expressionist pictorialism and cinematic visual stylization that is distilled from the film noir, with its sequences always full of chiaroscuro, disturbing and confusing.

Documentary photography is an inescapable reference to me. It helps me to approach certain human landscapes, as occupied and transformed territories, loaded with social and cultural significance. It is a task that I intend to tackle from the tracking, the drift or the journey, the “cartographic” look, the classification and the semiotic reading. The fundamental objective of most of these tools and procedures is to identify and identify real but invisible facts, changing realities that are unnoticed, track the conditions of a stand-by space, study the site, look for traces and brands that They reveal the authentic condition of the territory and the value that is granted to him.




Pol Vancells