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This course begins with an interview prior to the start of classes, where the creator presents an idea, anxiety, concept or project to be developed in the course. Next, the course will consist of three different parts:


(statement, biografia d’artista, portafoli,…)

A common part, in the form of classes in small groups where all the creators work together and where we work on the aspects that are necessary for all students, the methodology is that of dynamic classrooms where they will work in groups, theoretical expositions, but also group analyzes, studies of specific cases, debates …

· Techniques to generate an own discourse, in order to be aware and capable of generating a story and an own discourse when it comes to formalizing and realizing the creative proposals.

· Technical constructive imitation, where we learn to analyze and deconstruct technically an image and how to apply later this knowledge to create our proposals.

· Contextualization and references, where we will know and understand the great artistic and photographic movements and we will find the threads to draw to create our universe of references and inspirations.

· Materialization, where we see the different options of materializing the photographic projects.

· Materialització, on veiem les diferents opcions de materialitzar els projectes fotogràfics.


An individual part, from personalized tutorials where we work with each creator with their specific needs in technique and materialization, generation of discourse, reference research and sources of inspiration around their project, these tutorials will be designed based on each student individual and the needs of his work.


The creation and presentation of their final course work, which will be the materialisation of the project worked throughout the course, and the presentation of their final work.

With this theme we help the creators respond to the three fundamental questions of who I am, what inspires me and what I want to explain, in an environment where you can find the necessary bases to develop your own personal and visual discourse.